Attendance Management

Track your employee’s attendance, check-in and check-out timings and also track & get reports for absenteeism and holidays.

Mark Attendance

Mark attendance with just a click of button,whether you are at workplace or give request if working from home or client’s location.


Regularise Attendance

Give requests to your reporting managers to regularize your attendance for late-ins or early-outs.


API Integration

Track your employee’s daily login habits with API integrated attendance management system and get reports for late-ins and early-outs.

Leave Management

  • date_range

    Request Leave

  • Give online request for leave

  • low_priority

    Leave Adjustments

  • View and manage your leave

  • timeline

    Reports Generation

  • Track your employee’s daily login

Centralized Employee Directory

Get all your employees information centralized at one place. Through employee directory find all your employee details at your fingertips. Search for any specific employee through his name, department or designation through the employee database.



As an administrator easily add new employees to the existing database or upload multiple, through spreadsheets.



Easily extract & export information about any employee from the employee directory and get to know more about them.



Visualize your company’s hierarchical levels through the organization chart. It gives you a complete list of all the employee.

Notification Management

Notify your employees on real-time basis on important activities like approvals, change in existing policies or other important announcements. Also make everyone involve in the organization and start a discussion to share their views, new ideas and information on a common wall called live feeds.


Pass important messages to the employees instantly via email/SMS and make sure everyone gets updated instantly regarding every organization activity.


You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere. Start a discussion about any topic in the live feeds forum.

Employee Self Service

Through the Self-service portal employees can claim their expenses like travel allowance or any other amount incurred on behalf of the company. The panel also includes the option to upload the bill for the expenses which eliminates any kind of confusion.


Update Profile

Let your employees be independent and empower them to maintain


Payroll Management

Manage your employees by managing their payroll.


Document Management

The Self-service portal has an in-built option to upload your important documents


Claim Expense

Through the Self-service portal employees can claim their expenses like