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Banking & Finance

The banking and financial service industries are witnessing unprecedented forces of change – be it strict regulations or fierce competition or fast changing customer needs. Our solutions help you optimize your operations and can help you achieve a faster-go-to-market and stay on top of competition.


The healthcare sector is in state of continuous developments, and healthcare organisations are competing to keep up. As the new verticals of patient experience, remote care, digital health and personalised health shape the way healthcare and life sciences organisations function, they must utilize the technology to improve patient outcomes and drive internal efficiencies. Veristics designs and develops digital solutions to help these organisations to improve patient experiences and stay ahead in the industry.

Logistics & Warehouse

Veristics is revolutionizing the sector of Logistics and warehouse through the use of powerful and thrilling technology. Our customers differentiate themselves before their clienteles using our radical design thinking. What we produce is a unique blend of design, business intelligent, process management and technology to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Information Technologies

As ever evolving segment IT businesses has to be prepared and be one step ahead as future is uncertain for the IT industry. We develop future ready solutions and make our clients equipped with latest Infrastructure, technology and software solutions to make IT operations flexible and smooth. We deliver cost effective and quality solutions according to customer requirements.

Software Development

We are proud to be a reason in your success story. Specialized and qualified professionals are here to help you use the latest technology in your business. Our team of zealous technology experts can create whatever you need, from mobile applications to responsive websites. Keen to evaluate latest trends in every aspects of development and implementation to provide better service to you all.

Mobile App
Providing end-to-end app development, from creating strategy to app design & development, testing to deployment & maintenance, we adhere to global standards and thrive to give you high-quality mobile applications.

Web App
Our developers bring life to your site with the interactive design and features. We create specific tailor-made websites, which allows the user to modify the website according to their desire and requirements.

Case Studies


The company required a website where in the NRIs in India and UAE can compare the currency rates, banking products & services of the banks in INDIA & UAE.


The requirements analysis phase of this project was crucial as the client failed to provide adequate resources. But, we had to remove the uncertainty by making all relevant information available. Challenges associated with disaster recovery and information security planning. The client wanted the website to be compatible in all devices and as well as on all browsers. The website had loads of complicated features but our challenge was to make the website user-friendly.


The security issue of BOT attacks were solved by the use of Google Captcha (protects the website from spam and abuse on the site) and also by our optimized server side filtering. The responsive design makes it further more appealing and compatible regardless of the device used. The optimized use of java script & css made it compatible on all browsers. The website also satisfies 3 click rule (i.e. a user of a website should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks irrespective of the page you are in) and pretty URL's which makes it much more user-friendly website. Distributing on Google Web Search helps it reach out to the world.


  • It simplifies the complex financial and business processes.
  • 95%Increase in data efficiency.
  • Data Quality improved significantly
  • Increases Website Traffic which led to 20% increase in sales.
  • 99% total solution-provider to expats for their financial queries.
  • Improved Database Optimisation, 100% faster results to queries.


  • Flexibility and sensitivity to client's delivery and development paradigms
  • Achieved an increase of 40% profit through the solution within a month..
  • The enquiry rate has increased by more than 80%.
  • 75% improvement in productivity.


Veristics has been extremely cooperative in meeting our needs and requests. Veristics's developers have been extremely responsive, professional and dedicated in helping our customers solve their problems. At PravasiMoney, we enjoy working with smart and dedicated people and Veristics continues to be a great fit for us.


A leading health care foundation website developed in Umbraco platform, which was rebuild with new advancements to the existing website, with the use of a new user friendly CMS.


The main role was to build the existing e-shop into a website and the option given by the client where to choose either one of the ecommerce software which is Shopify or uCommerce (a plugin of Umbraco CMS). It was crucial .We opted to work in uCommerce as it is known to be a full-featured and user friendly solution.

One of the most challenging areas was the integration of two development environments. It was not easy to share the common database and if we do that, it was going to affect the development time of both of us and the other team in Australia.


The health care foundation now has an impressive online portal that serves as an interface for all its support, education and services.

The project team is adaptable enough to prioritize tasks and manage their own time to complete the project to the original time and financial budget where it is appropriate. Hence, we were able to deliver the project within 70days from the projected time of 80days.

Greater customer satisfaction, as multi-channel availability allows customers and prospects to interact with the health care provider on their own terms.


  • Multi-platform availability
  • Expanded its customer reach to 90%.
  • Revenue generation has gone up by 90 %


  • Unique software acts as product USP, retaining and growing users
  • Zero additional setup cost
  • Software can be bundled to improve product usability.
  • We improved scheduling and delivered cost savings of 30%
  • Increased unique page views by 29.76%
  • Increased organic mobile search traffic by 36.9%


Quality is important to us, and all qualitative project goals — like transparent processes and flexible control of business processes — have been fully realised in the course of implementation. The system really works.


The Client is a quality provider of post-secondary vocational education and training courses. The client wanted to revamp the client's online presence in order to strengthen their brand and integrate the disparate digital properties including web, mobile and social media, to deliver a consistent and personalized customer experience.


The business need was to reconstruct the entire site templates to give a new design to the website and to add additional features to it which includes, multiple images uploading, video uploading, image gallery with shuffling images and videos together and also some backend features to the site. Whatever complicated the features be but, the ultimate should be a user-friendly website.

The need for website content to be updated by non-technical users.

All systems to provision for future growth.

A user friendly website that all members will find easy to use irrelevant of their skills.


A video up-loader plugin were also installed. It became more complicated to add multiple image uploading with a description field for each image as there were no free image upload plugin support, So So we had to modify the archive source code of a known image up-loader plugin (Gecko Uploadify) to install the desired feature to the website.

So, being robust to change management to accommodate changes seamlessly helped us to successfully complete and deliver the project within 30 days of the estimated time period.


  • Expanded its customer reach to 90%
  • Customers now benefit 99% faster information access.
  • 100% data security.


  • Time-consuming tasks and cost of materials reduced below 10%
  • Time pressures are reduced due to more convenient workflow.
  • Increased Website traffic of 75% in comparison to old website.
  • 98% increase in productivity


When introducing their solution, theVeristics developers maximised the standard capabilities of the platform, which minimised further development and implementation costs. The system is currently in full commercial operation. Veristics performed all project tasks on time and to an excellent standard.

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