IT Infrastructure

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IT Infrastructure

With the onset of big data, mobility and cloud, the needs of IT are changing. Meeting the challenge requires innovative ways to respond to business needs, greater flexibility, faster technology innovation and providing greater business value. Our consulting and managed services deliver the resources and capabilities required to assess, design, build and manage an agile, flexible IT environment.

Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is the process of managing the IT infrastructure of an organization entirely or in parts from a remote location. It so happens that the entire physical infrastructure is geographically separated from the management of the IT services. This service is included when you purchase either Help Desk services on AMC level. Remote Support Services improve user productivity, decrease user downtime, and reduce customer total cost of ownership in many ways.

Cloud Deployment Services

We provide the customers to study, form, deploy and operate application environments on-place. It increases the visibility and control over Veristics services while delivering comprehensive services like managing, monitoring and reporting solutions, also ensures IT standards and policies. We offer widest and the most appropriate set of solution to build, manage, migrate, test and deploy the end-to-end lifecycle of the cloud.We provide full reuse of existing IT operation management skills and practices along with the best scalability, administration, and monitoring capabilities at a cost that suits the best.

Infrastructure Security

Managed security services are delivered high-end security devices for monitoring and remediation of threats to your IT environment. Our Security Services provide a comprehensive, managed 24/7 service without requiring an extensive customer investment in hardware, software, and technical staff. This complete security solution includes architecture, design, implementation, and training to secure your environment.

Network Management

Network Management Services provide complete support for the management and support processes for Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). Services are provided either on-site or remotely from Veristics Networks as a network operations center (NOC).

Server Administration

We monitor your server’s performance, traffic, disk space, services and much more. Monthly Server Management and Server Administration involves backup and restore, installation of software and scripts, resolving a problem, bug trapping, restarting services if any of them goes down, patching, security audits and much more. Our certified support engineers administer and maintain your servers for maximum stability, security, and uptime. We specialize in Extended Server Security, Server Hardening, Support of Linux/UNIX/Windows servers, products, and services.

Case Studies


VAS – PUSH/PULL SMS Service Provider


Quickly build and implement a scalable and reliable dedicated infrastructure for up to 1 million customers while complying with HIPAA security rules.


A complete infrastructure solution using multiple platforms and 3rd party tools to deliver a secure, scalable and regulatory compliant platform within1 week.


MySQL Data Base,C programming Language Operating System: Linux Operating systems.


  • Synchronised support team
  • 99% system availability
  • 24x7 pro-active monitoring
  • 98% SMPP support


  • 15% cost reduction in man hours
  • 10% revenue growth
  • 5 x Boost in overall system performance


IT- Software Development Company

Consolidate their outsourced regional infrastructure support services which included server management, workstation management, database management and application management.


24x7 Support coverage

Level 1 & level 2 support

Support for over 100 users from locations including Singapore, USA and INDIA.


OS: HP UNIX, Linux, Windows

Database: Oracle 9i, 10G, MS SQL, MySQL

Applications: Power builder, 4GL, Informix, Java, ASP, ASP.Net


  • SLA consistently exceeded customer expectation
  • Achieved high user satisfaction rating.
  • Reduced call volume by 5% through call reduction programs


  • 10% cost reduction in man hours
  • 3x Boost in overall system performance
  • Continuous uptime


Education – LMS to Cloud Infrastructure


The existing infrastructure including a complex legacy migration of 3-Tier web applications to Cloud infrastructure.


A combination of EC2, ELB and S3 Amazon Web Services (AWS)


HTTPS enabled load-balanced serverClusters

SSL enabled server componentTransactions

SSL enabled database replication


  • Cost effective cloud economics
  • 99.9% system availability
  • Scalable for high-volume traffic
  • 24x7 pro-active monitoring


  • Cost effective IT management
  • services for savings of up to 30%
  • No initial cost for PaaS
  • Increased productivity from 95% to 99%

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